Aurora Darling - Sweet Dreams

Hey guys!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I’ve been mainly working on this video. I had to take some breaks while working on this video cause my personal life was/ still is pretty crazy. But I’ve been thinking about this character a lot. She started out as a fan fiction character but now I could see her having her own story. She is my immortal Carrie Bradshaw. Aurora has never been lucky in love and with her storyline she has many lovers throughout the ages and this is the first video to show some of them.

With my other videos, you know that her story begins with a trip to Italy where she falls hard for a vampire coven leader (Ben Barnes). Her life changes in one night. She awakes a vampire and a mistress to the coven leader. His wife (Natalie Portman)grows jealous of Aurora and makes her life hell by turning the coven of vampires against Aurora. The only one, besides the coven leader, to not turn against aurora is a royal guard (James McAvoy) for the coven leader.

Life with the coven becomes unbearable and soon Aurora leaves. Her journey takes her back home to London, where she falls for a penniless painter (Aidan Turner). She turns him into a vampire. But like most of her lovers, it doesn’t work out and so she moves on.

She travels across the world to Japan where she meets a young warrior (Shun Oguri).

In the 1930’s, a ghost from her past visits her but his visit opens up old feelings as well as leaves her home vulnerable….

There are many other lovers missing from the video (sorry I didn’t want to do a feature length one). The video does end with the modern Aurora, a very Independent woman, who feels she doesn’t need a man to define who she is. She does want to find love but she wont let it imprison her again.

*Note* James McAvoy’s Character was originally from a RPG forum that I role played with Aurora. I had such a great time role playing with this character that I decided to feature him in this video.

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